What is YOUR Vision for Your Practice and Life??

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My #1 goal in creating The Lifestyle Practice is providing dentists just like you and I actionable suggestions that will help them to profit more. If that challenge is conquered then moving on from there is easy! My personal goal was to profit more so that I could work less and enjoy a lifestyle that I had envisioned for myself. If you would like to accomplish any of the above then YOU are in the right place.

One thing you will see as we move forward is that I like SIMPLE. I like things that I can take and easily implement. Some of you may like ‘fancy’ consultant speak, that’s ok, I just may disappoint you. I am a real-world dentist, dad, and husband. I have had the same struggles a lot of you have emailed me about. I still have bad days at my office. I One thing I have that perhaps you don’t is a VISION for my life.

I decided 10 years ago, as I was commuting 1.5 hours each way to my associate job, that I was done being a victim. I wasn’t going to let the career I had chosen, Dentistry, choose what my life was going to look like. I decided before I even had my own practice that I was going to design my practice around the life I wanted, not let my practice design my life. So many dentists out there are content with being average, or just unaware they don’t have to be average….

I didn’t want to be average. Chances are if you are reading this, you either are not average, or you don’t plan on staying average for long. That decision is half the battle! True story….as I started writing this post I had planned on giving a quick tip. Something you could start using tomorrow. Don’t worry I have it written down, and will send it out soon enough. However, I felt I needed to start where I started. I needed to start with VISION.

It is not enough to say “I want to be rich” or “I don’t want to work so much”

You need to be crystal clear on what it is you want for your life. How much do you want to make? Put a number on it. When I was first defining my vision, I had to be pushed.$200K sounded good at the time. I was young, had never made that type of money, yeah $200K was fine. Really? My vision could be anything I could dream up, and I capped myself at $200K. I had to be pushed to dream bigger!! I am not talking like some new age secret thing, but I had to be pushed to allow myself to dream bigger. Same thing with the hours I was working in the office. At the time I was working 4.5 days. I thought 4 days and 4 weeks of vacation would be pretty cool. Again I had to be pushed beyond what I thought was an improvement and easily achievable to define what I really wanted. When I dug really deep, like past the quick answer of what I thought with some guidance would be achievable, to uncover what I really wanted, I realized I didn’t want to have to work 4 days a week, and I wanted more freedom, without taking a What is your vision? What do you want for your practice, and your life? Be specific, and dream big!!! What do you want your work day, your work week, your month to

IF you are serious about it, write it down!

Last year in 2015 I wrote down my goals for the year, and made copies that I placed in strategic places. I HAD to look at them every day. I have been writing down my goals for several years, but had never plastered them all over so I was forced to continually look at them. You know what happened? I hit all those goals by JUNE! It didn’t take me a whole year as I planned.

Define what it is YOU want. If you don’t know where you are going any route will get you there! With a clearly defined vision laid out, you can then bounce every decision you make and every step you take off that vision. Things that get you a step closer are worth focusing on or investing in. If they don’t take you closer to that vision, they get scrapped, because they are only taking you further from your end goal. Begin with the end in mind!

I promise you if you hang around The Lifestyle Practice long enough, you are going to be pushed toward your vision.


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