Hiring Someone New

Business people waiting for job interview. Four candidates competing for one position
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The 1 question you need to ask when hiring someone new.

Lately I've had several questions regarding hiring someone new.


I wanted to give you the one question I ask to decide if a person is someone I need in my office, or if I should I keep looking.


You will notice this is not an exhaustive list, covering the entire process, but to me it is the most important question.


Inside TLP Academy I go into more detail.


So, perhaps suprisingly, the most important question I ask is one I ask myself.


The question: How would I feel having the same person working for my competition, instead of me?


Once I have it narrowed down to a short list of candidates, I've always asked

myself...which of them would I least like working for a competitor.


This usually helps me make my final decision. If I conclude I could sleep fine with each of them working for someone else, then I need to keep looking.


Remember spend all the time you need to find the RIGHT person, and that extra time spent will pay dividends for years.


The RIGHT team can make all the difference in the world!


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