“I just wanted to thank you guys. I closed on 2 practices at the beginning of this year. Both are already up considerably from this point last year, and A LOT of it has to do with the way I learned to run a practice through the principles in TLP. I’m confident I’m focused on the right things while at the office, and even though I do work hard, my practices still revolve around my life, and not the other way around! I and my family are grateful for your mentorship.”Jordan K.

“This August we produced 157% of last year, and better yet collected 176%!”Kristi C.

“Dr. Short was a great help to jump start my new practice acquisition. I went into it unconventionally buying a practice 2,000 miles from where I called and still currently call home. I told him what I wanted and he said let’s make it happen. 8 months in and I haven’t looked back. The practice is growing and I don’t think it would have been possible without his help. He has definitely helped me make my lifestyle practice. Thanks Justin!”Todd M.

“We’re crushing it this month!… We are at 42 np already realized, probably close to 50 by month end. This is a new record for us! Next month I am taking more time off for a few vacation days. We have 75k teed up at the moment. Thank you for your support and guidance. It feels like things are happening!”Ryan D.

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How To Work Less While Still Growing Your Dental Practice


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