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About Dr. Derek Williams

When I first entered dentistry, I thought that my path to success was going to be through building multiple practices and riding the wave of selling out to a DSO. 

But I discovered something grand, the path could be much simpler and I could live my life along the way!

So for the majority of my career in dentistry, I:

  • Worked 3 days a week, with no associates or partners
  • Enjoyed 8-10 weeks of vacation per year
  • Collected $1.6-1.8M per year
  • Averaged 40% overhead
  • Built up a portfolio of over 30 real estate properties, including single-family residences, duplexes, and short-term rentals.

By creating my own ‘lifestyle practice’ I found a way to strike a balance between my ideal way of life and working towards financial independence. The effort I put into crafting a well-oiled machine enabled me to step away from clinical dentistry at the age of 35. 

I have been working with other dentists as a coach with The Lifestyle Practice since 2018. Professionally, there’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing the growth and satisfaction that other dentists experience when they are able to work less, increase their profitability, and get closer to their dreams. 

If you find yourself wanting more, and looking for help and support to get your practice and life to the next level, look no further. We have the support and answers you’re looking for. On average, our clients experience a remarkable 33% increase in collections after just one year of coaching. 

Some common situations of dentists I’ve worked with:

  • Solo owners wanting to increase production/collections
  • Dentist’s first year in acquisition
  • Dentist looking to bring on an associate
  • Solo owners, partnerships, multiple locations, I have worked with them all. 

We have so many options for providing support for dentists:

  • TLP Podcast for Dentists
  • TLP Academy 
  • TLP Mastermind Groups
  • One-on-One Coaching

Decide which is right for you and get started today! There’s no reason not to!

Here’s to your success!

Dr. Derek Williams

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