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The Lifestyle Practice Academy:

In 2016 Dr. Justin Short launched his comprehensive online course that takes dentists step by step through a process to become more successful. The Lifestyle Practice Course is an online course that you will take by yourself, in the comfort of your own home, or with your staff in the comfort of your own office.

The course is loaded with comprehensive, step-by-step systems to help you take your practice to the next level. You will be able to immediately begin transforming your practice into a profit machine that gives you the freedom to enjoy the life you want and deserve. These are the same processes Dr. Short used, tweaked, and perfected to build his practice where he worked 10-12 days a month, produced over 1.6MM (adjusted fees) a year with 50% overhead and a small team. He holds nothing back, and knows it will help you build your dream practice.

Clients can choose to just purchase the course (The Lifestyle Practice Academy) or to work one-on-one, in which case the course is included. Once you have access to The Lifestyle Practice Academy you are in for life, and you get access to all upgrades and updates as they are made.


Drs. Short and Williams offer coaching on a limited basis. Once all the slots are gone, they are gone. Please contact for availability.

Why is coaching so limited?:

Drs. Short and Williams are very devoted to their clients and put a lot of time into each of them to make sure they receive the help and support they need to reach a high level of success. The difference with The Lifestyle Practice Coaching, is that you work DIRECTLY with Drs. Short and Williams exclusively throughout your time together. They do not ‘sub’ out time to others who have never built successful practices, had difficult conversations with patients, or who haven’t had to build up an excellent team of employees. Although both doctors love working with dentists one-on-one, it takes time and emotional energy on their behalf. They are not willing to spread themselves too thin or risk your success to make an extra buck! Because of this, they only work one-on-one with a select group of dentists that are truly serious about taking their practice and lifestyle to a higher level.

What does coaching involve?

As a coaches Drs. Short and Williams work with you and for you on an individual basis. They will not walk into your practice with a cookie-cutter workbook saying “follow this, and give me a call when you struggle”. Every doctor and practice is different, and they believe to be very successful each needs an individual approach. Together they will make sure your vision is crystal clear, and then together they will work with you toward achieving that vision.

What will it cost?

The Lifestyle Practice Academy and Coaching are both an investment in you, and several payment options are available. The Lifestyle Practice does not run the most expensive coaching program on the market, but sets itself apart by giving you unprecedented access to doctors who have been there, seen what works (and what doesn’t), and know how to add tremendous value to you and your dental business. Drs. Short and Williams are relentless in making their own practice work for them, and are the same way while working with you. They promise you will find tremendous value in the time you spend together!

If you would like more information about working with Dr. Justin Short or Dr. Derek Williams please email: Support@TheLifestylePractice.com


Want to be the first to know when TLP Academy Launches, or when there are openings to work one on one? Get on the VIP list now!

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