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Ready to elevate your career and lifestyle?

We have three ways to work together:

One-on-One Coaching

The main way in which Drs. Williams, Vogt, Van De Graaff, and Short work with doctors to transform their lives and dental practices is through one-on-one coaching.

How coaching works:

TLP does NOT sub out any of your time working together to others who have never been a dentist or had great success in operating their own dental practice.  You always work directly with your coach Derek, Matt, Steve, or Justin. 

Once a client signs up:

  • They’re sent login information to The Lifestyle Practice Academy, which is included free of charge with any coaching agreement.
  • They receive a Practice Intake Summary, 1-page contract, and monthly call form.  
  • Once your coach receives your initial paperwork back, they will spend a few days going through everything and contact you to schedule your first call. 
  • The first call lasts 1-2 hours, and is used for continued discovery, filling in any loose ends, and coming up with an initial plan to get your practice moving in the direction YOU want it to go.
  • After each call you will receive an email listing out the ‘Action Items’ for you to focus on until you talk again.   

It’s a process, but if you put in the effort, you should start seeing results after the very first call, with many clients reporting having their best month in their practice ever after just the first few calls.

Clients also have 24/7 email access to their coach.  Each coach is very responsive and committed to the success of their clients!

Each coach wants to talk to their clients at least once a month. In most cases, especially at the beginning of the process, calls are more frequent to gain momentum.   

Derek, Matt, Steve, and Justin are more focused on achieving RESULTS for their clients as opposed to watching the clock and know that a good coach should MAKE their clients money… not cost them money. They offer customized solutions to help clients achieve their goals, not cookie-cutter recommendations.

Each coach only takes on a limited number of clients to make sure they have the time and effort to dedicate to their success.

Historically, clients have grown their practices an average of 33% in the first year after embarking on one-on-one coaching, while often decreasing their time in the office.   


The fee for one-on-one coaching is customized to your specific situation, goals, and the size of your practice.

Interested in working together?

Click here to fill out our contact form or contact Derek, Matt, Steve, or Justin directly:

TLP Mastermind

The saying is true: You become the company you keep.

The TLP Mastermind is an intimate, exclusive group coaching opportunity guided by our TLP partners, with Dr. Derek Williams leading the next group from January – June 2024.

Sign-ups for the TLP Mastermind are currently OPEN.

Here’s what to expect when joining the TLP Mastermind:

  • Mentorship
    • Zoom calls on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month from 7-8 pm CST. Calls will be recorded for those that can’t attend.
    • The first half of the calls will be spent with Derek reviewing material, sharing the most common mistakes made by practice owners, and commonly missed opportunities. The last half will be spent reviewing personal questions of group members.
    • Members will receive guidance in creating their own “lifestyle practice”, focused on content and direction of TLP Academy
  • TLP Academy Access
    • Normally only sold as lifetime access (regular price – $4500), TLP Academy is included at no additional charge for the duration of the course, with an opportunity to purchase lifetime access for $1000 at the conclusion
  • Increased Accountability
    • Group members will be paired in smaller groups of two to three people to work with at times during the course. This will be in an effort to create camaraderie and accountability during progress.
    • An online group forum will allow open communication between all group members and mentor.

This is your chance to be part of this group that will help you work toward getting the results you’ve wanted!

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to contribute, learn, and grow alongside like-minded individuals who share your aspirations for extraordinary success.

Early Bird Discount of $500 your first payment if you sign up before Dec 15, 2023. SEATS ARE LIMITED!

The cost for TLP Mastermind membership is $1,296 per month for six months

Ready to join? Click HERE to reserve your spot.

TLP Academy

Drs. Derek Williams, Matt Vogt, Steve Van De Graaff, and Justin Short have completely rebuilt their online program, TLP Academy, from the ground up and continue to update it regularly.

This online course is complete with 70+ modules and countless resources that walk you through A to Z on how to build your own ‘Lifestyle Practice’.  

This comprehensive online program covers, in detail, what you need to do and focus on to get your practice performing at a higher level.   

Derek, Matt, Steve, and Justin have each built practices in the top 1% of dental offices nationwide, and hold nothing back when sharing the details of how they accomplished it, and how YOU can too. 

Topics included (but not limited to) are as follows:

  • Setting your vision and goals at the proper level to achieve success 
  • Leadership
  • Case Acceptance
  • Raising the level of performance of your team
  • Scheduling
  • Marketing
  • Metrics that really matter
  • Increasing your production and collections in less time at the office
  • How to use real estate to increase wealth
  • Over 15 bonuses including a lot of the EXACT material they use in their own offices to build an efficient, extremely profitable business
  • And much more…

They dive deep into these topics to actually show you the nuts and bolts of how to take your practice from where it’s at, to where you want it to be.   

Their goal was to not only show you ‘what’ needs to be done, but ‘how’ to actually implement these ideas in your practice to gain the quickest and safest outcome when building and growing your practice at an exponential level.  


The cost for lifetime access to TLP Academy is one payment of $4500 or 12 monthly installments of $399. 

Sign up HERE and get started today!

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