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Dentist Metrics Podcast

This week I’m hoping you’ll give a listen to a recent podcast I did with Jonathan Vanhorn of Dentist Metrics.

The title of the episode is: “How to Work Less While Still Growing Your Dental Practice”

I think you’ll find a few pearls from the interview that you can implement in your practice on Monday morning.

I always suggest working backward…

Start by figuring out what you want your life to look like, THEN start designing your practice to support that.

Too many docs do it the other way around and end up with the leftovers as their life. Life is too short for that!

I promise you it’s possible to do. I’ve done it, and I’m watching doctor after doctor inside TLP does it as well.

Does it take some work to get things set up? Absolutely!

Is it worth it! 1000 times YES! I hope you enjoy this podcast! Just click on the link below!

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