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Dentist Metrics Podcast

This week I’m hoping you’ll give a listen to a recent podcast I did with Jonathan Vanhorn of Dentist Metrics. The title of the episode is: “How to Work Less While Still Growing Your Dental Practice” I think you’ll find…

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Are You Ignoring Your Frogs?

I’ve always tried for 100% case acceptance.  I mean why not?   Go big, or go home right? I know you’re thinking that’s impossible, and you’re probably right, IF you’re thinking about treatment being done right away. I’m always thinking long-term. …

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Got Cancellations?

I think hate is a pretty strong word.  In fact, there aren't many things I would say I 'hate'.  Life is too good to go around hating things, but I have to be honest.   I HATE LAST-MINUTE CANCELLATIONS AND NO…

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